Department of Transportation

Department of Transportation There is much more to a successful office than one of Weld House’s modern metal tables. Being visually impactful is a great addition of almost any environment but the practical use of space is equally important. No matter what type of custom furniture our...Continue Reading »

AZ > TX > MS

AZ > TX > MS Residential pub table projects are fun because they usually always go into a really fun space. It’s not often that we get the “after” photos of our furniture installed so when we do get photos of our furniture in their new home, it makes us very...Continue Reading »


Shorty One of the most meaningful custom builds occurred in 2012 when the Baxter family from Pennsylvania approached Weld House to build them a coffee table, made from the hood of a very special vehicle to their family. Until this project, we knew that our clients liked...Continue Reading »

Clients Come First

Clients Come First Weld House has always been blessed with amazing clients with amazing projects to work on. These projects usually always involve new construction, a major remodel or are a gift. All of these scenarios create a heightened importance for attention to the clients wants...Continue Reading »

Business Interiors

Business Interiors Opportunities to be a part of a new interior design are thrilling in all phases; design, fabrication and installation. We love when clients present us with a set of tasks and give us general design direction. We use all of our creative energy and knowledge of...Continue Reading »