Clients Come First

Clients Come First

Weld House has always been blessed with amazing clients with amazing projects to work on. These projects usually always involve new construction, a major remodel or are a gift. All of these scenarios create a heightened importance for attention to the clients wants and needs. 

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We are often challenged with doing things we are not accustomed to or comfortable with. We have come to realize that these are opportunities to grow our experience …. and get paid for it. We consider this a win-win transaction. 

When Allan Reitzer commissioned Weld House to design and build a conference table for one of his law firms meeting rooms, we brainstormed many designs, colors and options. It is understandable that the colorful artwork side of Weld House’s portfolio of work is exciting and attention getting. But sometimes the reality of furnishing an commercial office building, especially when needing to consider other people’s preferences, we needed to find a neutral combination of design and color.  We all ultimately agreed on a slate grey color choice with a TIG welded, raw steel frame with a clear powder coated finish. The final result is a beautiful, modern, contemporary conference table and still has the handmade characteristics of all Weld House pieces. The metal used for the table top is very unique because the center creases of the 1973 Chevrolet pickup truck hoods are still visible down the middle of this arbitration table. 

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“Honestly, I can’t think of anything to make the process better.  I know you were excited about the original yellow hood, but it was just too different for a law firm conference room.  I felt like I was walking a line between making the conference room my own vs. client expectations of what a law firm looks like (if I could have a pool table in my conference room, I would).  When I said I think I needed more neutral colors than the yellow, I expected some push-back from you, but it seemed to roll right off your back.  You were really focused on what I was looking for, rather than maintaining artistic integrity! Haha  Bottom line, I really appreciated your flexibility.”

We at Weld House love our tools, our own designs and our own way of doing things but we are way more interested in happy clients. We have learned countless, amazing, life changing techniques because clients asked and were insistent on a particular design detail. We appreciate you Allan. Thank you for the business and allowing us the opportunity to travel down the design road that led to the creation of your amazing arbitration room conference table. We are very proud of this one.

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