Commercial Custom Welding Weld House Gallery Lowboy 1


Queen Lowboy bed frame shown in earthtone staned finish with wax sealer. Options include (1) side tables, (2) 9pc adjustable feet and (3) wood inlay on headboard.


Weld House Lowboy Bed Frame




Bolt-on side tables

9pc Laser Cut Adjustable Feet

Hardwood Inlay on Headboard


Prices listed above are for the basic bed frame and are examples of previous, custom work. Pricing can increase or decrease depending on time, materials & options.

The Weld House LOWBOY Bed Frame is a modern steel bed frame that is built to last forever. We use 14 gauge steel tubing and 1/8″ plate steel to ensure your new bed frame will last forever but also not squeak or rock back and fourth, they are rock solid. The bed frame is made up of four main elements; (2) side rails, footboard and headboard. Grade 8 hardware and an allen tool for assembly is included. There are optional bolt-on side tables available as well as a platform deck for using only a mattress, no box spring. We usually stain the raw metal to a brown finish or black finish. You can choose from a simple leveling adjuster at the base of each leg or signature our 9pc., laser cut adjustable feet.