Hunter Green Recycled Sheetmetal Coffee Table 3

Coffee Tables

Creating furniture from recycled metal that has a 30, 40 or 50 year old history is what Weld House does everyday. Often times, our reclaimed sheet metal is documentable back to its origins at Ford, Dodge or Chevrolet via the VIN number assigned from the factory. We like that our coffee table tops have an automotive history but we do not build “car furniture”. The fact that our tables could be described as “green”, “sustainable”, “recycled” or automotive in nature is a distant second place; we first strive to build the finest quality coffee tables on the planet. Using talented fabricators on best equipment available, you can be assured that your coffee table will be the topic of many conversations. We offer custom variations of our coffee tables which would include, unique sizes, 100% found/recycled material & custom paint options to suit your corporate or residential setting.

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