Weld House is a niche builder of modern furniture.


Weld House produces modern furniture from both new and recycled metals. With designs ranging from industrial to minimalist, each piece of furniture is meticulously fabricated on very tight-tolerance and calibrated machinery.  Our equipment allows us to deliver a level of accuracy beyond that of most commercial welding shops.  Whether you choose one of our designs or we collaborate on one of yours, you can rest assured your piece of furniture will be made with the best materials and incredible attention to detail, even in areas not ever seen.


One of the driving forces behind Weld House’s designs is Honesty. Honesty meaning that not only does our work look good on the outside, it is truly made well inside and out and designed to last the lifetime of ownership. 2D and 3D modeling, collaborative design, residential and national roll-out contract furniture manufacturing.


We simply love our tools and the art of fabrication. Placing the finest machinery available in the hands of talented team members, our creations are made to high standards with very tight tolerances with but they have not been stripped of that handmade quality.


In addition to the design and manufacturing of quality furniture, we  provide customized logistical services for our national and global clients. We can maintain inventory based on your forecasted needs thereby reducing unit costs. We are experienced in warehousing and coordinating timely delivery per location for national brands.





JoelWhat started as a New Year’s resolution to do something creative with his hands, Joel Hester, a printer and graphic designer, decided it was perfectly acceptable to buy a small welder, publish a photo of a steel bed frame he had welded as a teenager online and offer replicas for sale even though he had virtually zero welding experience. Spending 20+ years in commercial printing proved to be a valuable prerequisite trade, with many aspects of working with people & paper translated directly to woking with people & metal. With a 10 year anniversary of quitting the day job and building furniture full-time quickly approaching, Joel looks forward to what cool projects lie ahead, seeing his crew regularly achieve new personal bests and enjoying fatherhood to his two small children in this great state of Arizona.


Hood Hunting

Hunting for our raw material is both a blessing and a curse. Ten plus years ago, the circumstances surrounding us seeing that first Cadillac with heavily blistered paint through the lens of cutting the sheet metal skin off the car and using that material as a table top was a huge light bulb moment. It was a true defining-moment that changed the course of, what would eventually become, Weld House. We are car people but car culture was not on our minds at all when we first recognized this automotive material as an option for furniture. We have grown tremendously over the years and have developed fabrication techniques to allow us to build very large surfaces out of this material. From 20′ conference tables to large art installations, we have used this material in many different applications. Like everyone, our biggest limiting factor is time. Time is so valuable yet we are forced to take a time-out, get in truck and head out on hood hunting road trips. We have covered many states hunting for metal and can recount many entertaining stories of both successes and failures along the way. Once we finally leave the pressures and deadlines within the shop and get out on the road with google earth on satellite, it is truly the definition of a dream job … that is a blessing. The failures along the way of coming home empty handed are the only curse but it gives us an appreciation of our craft and the final product. We are truly blessed and love what we do. Give us a honk or a thumbs up if you ever see us out on the road.