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FAQ and Warranty

What kind of metal do you use?

Our reclaimed metal mostly comes from the sheetmetal of old cars and trucks from the American 1960’s through the 1980’s. This steel sheet metal is thick, it bends and welds very well. Compared to European or Japanese cars of that same period in time, these American automobiles had really bad quality paint which didn’t weather well over the years. This patina and its 40+ year story is what Weld House tries to capture and repurpose in the form of modern steel furniture. The “new” steel we use is still comprised of 85% recycled content and usually comes from California steel mills.


What kind of metal finish do you use?

We use a high-gloss clear coat on our reclaimed sheet metal table tops that is especially formulated to aggressively bond to raw metal. Traditional automotive clear coats do not stick to raw metal. The patina spots found on our reclaimed metal furniture is essentially exposed metal so we sourced a niche clear coat that has the high-gloss shine of automotive clear coupled the durable characteristics of an industrial top coat.

Our steel tubing and hot roll steel is often stained with either a black or brown finish and powder coated with a clear powder coating process or a powder coat color of choice. We try to build furniture that will look great for generations.


How do I take care of my automotive metal table top?

Keep your reclaimed sheet metal table top looking great by applying your favorite brand spray wax coupled with a micro-fiber cloth.
My automotive table top needs refinishing, what to do?

After many years of use or even abuse, you can have your local auto body shop sand and shoot a new clear coat finish on your table top. Please contact Weld House for our latest clear coat advise and how we can help facilitate that task in your local area.


Can you repair damaged Weld House metal furniture?

Thankfully, metal is usually always repairable. The Weld House team puts a lot of thought and time into our pieces to make them as bulletproof as possible. If you have actual metal damage or just damage to the finish, please contact Weld House and email photos so we can advise on the best remedy.


Can my furniture be used outdoors?

More than likely your piece of Weld House furniture would need to have been built specifically for outdoor use. We would have made specific changes to make it weather resistant. If you are interested in a Weld House table for outdoor use, please contact our team for further information.


Do you do commercial projects?

For years, Weld House managed large scale commercial projects that were produced on a recurring basis alongside our custom orders. The quality of all our pieces is commercial quality even though they are often used in residential settings. Weld House efficiently produces multiple quantities for commercial, restaurant or hospitality clients on a daily basis.


Do you sell wholesale?

Weld House offers many options on a wholesale level, contact our Weld House team for more details.
What are your lead times?

Lead times vary from 4 weeks to 6 months. Contact our Wled House team for an accurate lead time.


How can I order?

Please check our online store for available items that are finished and ready to ship. If you are interested in information regarding a custom piece, please call or email us and our amazing customer service team will respond with a detailed reply including pricing, options and lead times or a meeting time and date for ou to discuss options with our lead designer and owner Joel Hester.


Where are you located and do you have a showroom?

We are located in the city of Phoenix, Arizona near Sky Harbor. We do not have a showroom however we are happy to give a shop tour to all prospective clients.


Do you ship internationally?

We currently export international shipments with FedEx, please contact our customer service team for additional details.


Are you hiring or do you need an intern?

We are continuously accepting resumes for each position within our Weld House Team. Please submit your resume by clicking the “apply here” button at the top of this page.

Terms and Conditions

Weld House warrants our merchandise to be free of defects in material and workmanship. It is your responsibility to notify the Weld House customer service team via email within 14 days of delivery. Normal wear and tear or damage from daily use, however, is not warrantied. Our reclaimed automotive sheet metal table tops contain original scratches, surface rust (patina), small dings and irregular color patterns ETC. These are normal conditions with our reclaimed metal products and are not what we consider manufacturers’ defects therefore are not covered by our warranty.

Refunds will be issued to the original purchaser in the original form of payment, except in the case of cash and check purchases, in which a corporate check will be issued and may take up to 15 days to process. In accordance with state and local laws, any taxes paid will be refunded. Delivery fees are only refunded if the item returned is found to have a manufacturer defect or was damaged in transit. It is your responsibility to ensure furnishings fit through all interior structures and into the desired space. Items that are returned or exchanged due to size will be refunded only in the form of a Weld House credit minus the initial delivery fee and/or restocking fee. Refunds will be processed once your item has been safely received and inspected at our warehouse.
Stock Furniture: A 15% restocking fee plus a redelivery fee will be applied to stock merchandise that is safely returned or exchanged for reasons other than manufacturer’s defect or damage.

Artwork, Clearance Items, Floor Samples: These items are sold “as-is” and cannot be returned. All sales are final.
Special Order Furniture: This merchandise is made to your specifications and therefore, we do not accept cancellations, returns or exchanges. A 50% deposit is required at time of ordering with the balance upon completion of work.

We build furniture that will last a lifetime. We try to engineer our furniture, both aesthetically and structurally, to wear very well over many decades of use. Due to the finish of our pieces, normal wear and tear will be harder to see than in most store-bought furniture. Additionally, with the heavy gauge materials we use and the way our furniture bolts and un-bolts, you should see zero decrease in structural integrity over time, regardless of how many times it is taken apart and moved. However, if we in fact let a defect slip through the fabrication and finishing process, please contact the Weld House customer service team within 14 days of purchase with detailed photos and description of fabrication defects.

A lot of the reclaimed materials we use are one of a kind and are not replaceable. We package all of our pieces with this in mind. We do not want anything damaged by a carrier no matter how well they are insured. Weld House goes through great lengths to carefully package your furniture for shipping.

If you are electing to return a piece of furniture for any reason other than a manufacturer’s defect, you are solely responsible for the shipping and for successfully packaging the furniture for shipping. Processing any return is contingent on you successfully and safely returning the item in new condition to our Weld House warehouse.

When you receive your delivery from the carrier, please inspect the box(s) in the presence of the driver and ask them to note any excessive damage to the box at the time you are signing. Pay attention to a crushed corner of the box or a puncture to the interior of the box. If you open your box and there is shipping damage to the furniture, notify Weld House immediately. Take detailed photos and keep all of your packaging materials as the carrier will likely inspect the packaging during the claims process. Successfully receiving payment on an insurance claim heavily depends on the clients noting damage with the driver and quickly notifying the Weld House customer service team.

Good news is that our furniture is not made with faux treatments or materials. Your wood, steel or glass furniture will most likely be able to be repaired or refinished at any point in the future. We want to support our clients and keep our pieces in good repair indefinitely. We will evaluate the cost and feasibility of repairing/refinishing your piece at Weld House or with a capable craftsman in your area on a case-by-case basis.

Merchandise in our online store is in stock will be shipping within 3 business days of ordering. Shipment tracking numbers will be emailed. International shipments may require additional lead time to prepare and will usually ship via FedEx International. Paid for merchandise will not be held more than 90 days at our warehouse before becoming property of Weld House. Special Order merchandise will require additional production time. Special Order lead times will vary due to design complexity and fabrication delays. No time frame is guaranteed but a ready date will be discussed at the time of ordering. Once your merchandise is finished and ready to ship, you will be notified of shipping arrangements with an approximate delivery date.

We require a 50% deposit on all custom orders. Full payment is required prior to the scheduling of the delivery. Clearance merchandise, floor samples, relics and revivals must be paid in full at the time of purchase.

Our furniture is perfectly suited for commercial use.