Custom Welded Furniture | Do You Want Furniture To Be Custom?

Custom Welded Furniture | Do You Want Furniture To Be Custom?

Weld house is a modern metal furniture builder with over eight years of experience, designing and fabricating custom welded furniture, weld houses able to create one-off custom projects or large ongoing projects, whether it is residential or commercial weld house can efficiently produce multiple quantities, um, of custom welded furniture here at weld house, we do manufacture 95% of our custom welded furniture in the house. We utilize meticulously, fabricated, very tight tolerance, tolerance, calibrated machinery, not commonly found in most welding companies. We do produce custom welded furniture with a high level of accuracy and incredible attention to detail as Joel, our owner and designer is a perfectionist here at weld house. Our custom welded furniture uses recycled materials. When possible we are able to use reclaimed metal that mostly comes from old cars and trucks of the American 1960s through the 1980s to produce our custom welded furniture weld house is able to offer custom designs and clean lines of a true classic crafted from automotive parts for the best Commercial Custom Welding today.

Our custom welded furniture, um, transformed these parts into timeless works of art here at Weld house. Our custom welded furniture product line includes, but is not limited to custom coffee tables, bed frames, media cabinets, conference tables, desks, restaurant tables, community work tables, display tables, signs, wall art, and so much more here at weld house. Our staff is excited to help you design and produce the custom welded furniture that best suits your space. Our welding artists are, are able to produce designs that range from industrial to middle minimalists, um, including urban modern farmhouse and mid-century weld house is able to offer custom colorization, um, on your custom welded furniture to fit the design scheme of your project. From the initial design consultation through the build process, a weld house team member will work closely with you providing exceptional customer service, following an inquiry on your custom welded furniture for the top Commercial Custom Welding today.

A team member, a team member will reach out to discuss the needs, the quantity, the type of product design style budget, and your project timeline weld house lead times do vary from four weeks to four months, depending on the scale of your project on your custom welded furniture, I’m a team member will communicate all of the collected information to our owner and head designer. Joel Hester. Joel is a leader in the metal fabrication industry. Joel is continuously improving processes, um, staying innovated, and providing a high quality of service and custom welded furniture. Utilizing the information the team members, um, provide to him. Joel is able to mock up a simple sketch design and present a very variety of options to you related to your project. 18 members will also schedule a direct communication, um, between our client and Joel via a phone meeting for ease and convenience, um, to ensure a direct level of communication regarding your custom welded furniture project for us and the best Commercial Custom Welding today.

And remember the first custom design rendering, um, is free to all new, um, clients and companies. Weld house is continuously working to set a new standard for custom metal furniture, uh, fabrication, check out our reviews online and see what people are saying about Welles house product when choosing custom welded furniture for your home or business. Um, this decor is going to reflect personal style and taste. You want to make sure that that style is saying something nice about you or your business. Um, by working with weld house to design custom welded furniture, um, that can not be found anywhere else we guarantee each piece is going to be crafted with passion and experience, um, delivering precision and quality. Um, that again, you will not find anywhere else utilizing custom welded furniture can powerfully transform any space, whether it’s residential, retail or business custom welding weld, custom welded furniture is a popular choice of furnishings.

Um, besides being sturdy, custom welded furniture is attractive. Offering a contemporary look to your home, um, business or retail store. All it takes is a good polishing to give additional charm and beauty. Um, you are able to keep your custom welded furniture, um, sheet metal tabletops, uh, looking great by applying your favorite brand of spray wax, coupled with a microfiber cloth over time. Um, again, keeping that stability, um, and durability over time and still managing to maintain the beauty and charm of your piece. Um, custom welded furniture is an easy source here at weld house. Our welding artists, um, are very important to the process of our custom welded furniture. And today we are going to speak with Jessie to learn, um, a few things about custom welded furniture and how it comes to life. Okay, Jesse, um, tell me a little bit about your role at weld house.

Uh, my role at weld house would be a welder fabricator, um, in welding and fabricating. We use various methods of welding. Um, as well as, I guess you could say brazing. Um, we do TIG braising with, uh, Silicon bronze. We do, um, TIG grazing, um, standard, uh, practices, carbon, and then we also do, um, MIG welding to, uh, to build out all of our customs welded furniture for the best Commercial Custom Welding today.

Thanks, Jesse. Um, could you also tell me a little bit about the type of metal materials that we use, um, with our custom welded furniture, The materials we use with their custom, all the furniture is primarily carbon steel? Um, and we use, um, the primary three methods that we normally, uh, weld with. We’ll do TIG brazing, TIG, and, um, make welding on our, um, carbon steel, like I said, which was primarily what we use here. Um, we do some aluminum, um, or aluminum that we do use, obviously we’ll have to do AC TIG work on. Um, other than that, it’s pretty standard across the board. Like I said, um, carbon steels, a few aluminum. Um, and, um, we also do zinc, but zinc can be in that category of carbon steels because we can use, make for it, and stuff. It doesn’t need any special equipment. Thanks, Jesse. Do you think you could tell me a little bit about mega welding and TIG welding? Um, for those of us who are not familiar?

Yeah. MIG welding is a metal inert gas. It uses a solid wire. Um, it’s a spool of wire that’s fed through a, um, through a contact tip and that contact tip provides the electricity needed to go ahead and, uh, marry the two metals. Um, and, uh, the other one we use is taken, which is, um, texted in our gas, uh, welding. Um, that one would be more for a, I guess you could say more precise, cleaner, cleaner welds. Um, other than that, that’s, they’re both used for our basic day to day in our custom-molded furniture that has the best Commercial Custom Welding today.

Cool. Um, can you tell me why you chose, um, to work in welding artistry with weld house? Um, I chose to work, um, and wild house because they allow, um, they allow their employees to have some sort of artistic experience as well as have a hands-on approach to the custom welded furniture that we make. Um, aside from that, um, I’m able to, we’re able to go ahead and incorporate a little bit of history with some modern technology such as CAD to help, um, produce some of the custom, all the furniture that we, that we have and that we are able to, uh, produce. Uh, awesome. Thank you so much, Jesse. You’re welcome to me.

I’m also talking with our welding artist Jackson, to ask a few questions and get his perspective on the process regarding our custom welded furniture as well. Can you tell me your role at weld house? Can you tell me the type of welding, um, that you use and the products that you helped create here at weld house? I primarily use a MIG welding in the majority of our custom-molded furniture. And which products, um, do you help with here at weld house? Mainly the automotive community tables and our restaurant line of custom-molded furniture. Awesome. Um, and can you tell me a little bit about the type of metal and materials. We mainly use cold rolled, hot rolled steel. Um, it’s, it’s a type of regular carbon steel. We do use aluminum in some of our projects as well as stainless steel for the best Commercial Custom Welding around.

Okay. Can you tell me a little bit about the automotive aspect that you just mentioned? Our reclaimed metal mostly comes from the sheet metal of old cars and trucks from the American 1960s through the 1980s. The steel sheet metal is thick and bends and welds very well. The new, the new steel we use is still compromised by 85% recycled content. That’s so cool. Jackson. So weld house has created custom welded furniture. That is also unintentionally eco-friendly Jackson. Can you tell me a little bit about, um, your background in welding, and why you chose this field? Well, I started right out of high school when I was 18 following in the footsteps of both of my older brothers, and it just kind of snowballed into something that I really enjoy the top Commercial Custom Welding today.

So it’s a family trade. It is a family trade. That’s awesome. Um, why did you decide to, um, get into welding artistry with weld house? Um, They just, they vibe really well with what I like to do the whole, uh, reclaimed sheet metal and custom welded furniture is something that I have a passion for. And it’s allowed me to kinda take it to the next level. So you feel that weld house has helped, um, better your development in welding? Absolutely. That’s awesome. Thank you so much for talking to me.

I’m running Here at the wild house, using a combination of your creativity and ours. We are able to bring your ideas to life and creating unique ones. One-off pieces of custom welded furniture, um, or creating high production units for commercial application weld house is able to do it all with precision and quality. Our welding artists are able to work with architects, interior designers, or homeowners to create custom welded furniture. As previously stated, we are able to use recycled or salvaged, um, uh, scrap metal to create custom designs that are also eco-conscious here at weld house. We are manufacturing 95% of our custom welded furniture in the house. Re-imagining those car and truck parts from the sixties through the eighties, rounding out our custom welded furniture designs with clean lines crafted from used automotive parts and transformed into timeless works of art weld houses always offering our free custom-designed rendering to new clients with our great Commercial Custom Welding services

This is our way to show the world how weld house operates and the quality of our products at an affordable price because our owner is also our head designer. We have over 10 years of experience and we’re able to offer high-end finished products. We add weld house, a specialist in custom welded furniture crafted with extreme quality priding ourselves in stellar service. Our attention to detail is like none other. We continuously use only top quality, new and recycled materials at weld house. We are excited to help you create the custom welded, furniture that will speak volumes to your own personal taste and style in your space. Call us for a quote today. Our team members cannot wait to work with you in relation to your custom welded furniture.