C 10 coffee table | Have You Seen Our Tables?

C 10 coffee table | Have You Seen Our Tables?

Weld house is a niche, modern metal furniture builder. We have over eight years of experience in designing custom metal furniture. And we also manufacture 95% of our products in house. Our designs range from industrial to minimalist to include an urban, modern farmhouse, industrial, and mid-century modern weld house designs, commercial and residential furniture for one-off custom projects, or large ongoing projects for designers and companies. Weld house also produces eco-conscious furniture, striving to use recycled materials whenever possible, utilizing discarded car and truck parts. Our designer and owner Joel Hester has re-imagined them into beautiful custom furniture pieces. A fun fact about welds house. Some of our clients have included Starbucks HGTV, raising canes, Smuckers, Pixar to name a few. We were able to help these companies at a creative and unique touch to their locations. And we know that we can do the same for you with the proper Commercial Custom Welding services.

Weld House is currently offering a free custom design rendering. So all new potential clients as a way to show the world how to weld house likes to operate and the quality of our products, our product line includes, but is not limited to custom metal, Custom Coffee Table, custom metal bed frames, custom metal, media cabinets, custom metal conference tables, custom metal desks, custom metal restaurant tables of all sizes, custom metal community work tables, custom metal, display tables, metal signs, wall art, and much, much more. Our weld house staff is excited to help you design and filled the C 10 custom metal coffee table of your dreams at the weld house. Creativity is key and we are only limited by your imagination for additional details, images, and all things. Weld offers the same Commercial Custom Welding options by far. Be sure to visit our website and social media platforms, www.wellhouse.com. Check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and flicker here at weld house, we do a little differently than your typical custom furniture manufacturer.

All of our custom designs are meticulously fabricated using very tight tolerance, calibrated machinery, not commonly found in most welding shops. This allows us to create a high level of accuracy, incredible attention to detail as Joel Hester. Our owner and designer are a perfectionist here at the weld house. Our team helps you navigate your way through the design process, utilizing exceptional customer service through attention to detail, communication, and follow-through. After contacting weld house, a team member will reach out to discuss your needs, the quantity that you may be looking for, the type of product that you get when it comes to your Commercial Custom Welding service, whether it be a [inaudible] custom metal coffee table or any of our large variety of products offered our warehouse team member will go over the design style. You’re interested in your project timeline and your budget to ensure that all of your needs are precisely met here at the weld house. We do offer custom colorization to go along with your overall design color scheme in your home or office.

Our team members will also schedule direct communication via phone with our owner and designer Joel Hester, to ensure a direct level of communication regarding your project needs. We do this at your ease and convenience to make this process as simple and hassle-free as possible. Following your phone call meeting with Joel, he will be able to mock up a simple sketch design, discuss the variety of options with you related to your needs. From there, you will be involved in the design and custom fabrication of your custom metal [inaudible] coffee table. Every step of the way we make sure to include you on all decisions to ensure that your custom [inaudible] metal coffee table is the table of your dreams. Not sure that Weld house is the custom metal furniture manufacturer for you. Check out our reviews online and see what people are saying about weld house products. We guarantee we can offer a unique custom style that can’t be beat

Our C 10 coffee table measures 56 inches long and 24 inches deep and stands. 15 inches tall reclaimed sheet metal. The tabletop comes from a 1966 Chevrolet pickup and has several very distinct creases that were stamped there at the jam factory. There are trace amounts of the original gray paint, but most of it has been worn off and bare metal. Patina remains. These legs are permanently welded to the frame. So the data they do not move like others featured online. The [inaudible] coffee table features transparent red candy powder coating over brushed steel legs when you get the best Commercial Custom Welding services. This compliments the trace amount of red on the sheet metal top the 10 coffee table legs are made from 14 gauge one inch by three-inch rectangle tubing that has been welded with silicone bronze T G welding wire because the legs do not come off the 10 coffee table. It will ship complete in a small enclosed crate to your local terminal for a will-call pickup.

Our C 10 coffee table can also ship directly to a commercial address that has a loading dock or forklift for the same cost. Shipping is included in this price. Only a nominal creating charge is applied to the shipping. If home delivery is required for our C 10 coffee table, please email Weld house in advance for a shipping estimate, creating furniture like our [inaudible] coffee table from recycled metal that has a 30, 40, or 50-year-old history is what weld house does every day. Oftentimes our reclaimed sheet metal is documentable back to its original for Dodge or Chevy. We like that. Our C 10 coffee tabletops have an automotive history, but we do not build car furniture. Our first priority is building modern steel furniture. The fact that it is green recycled or automotive is a distant second place. We at weld house strive to build the finest quality, see 10 coffee tables on the best available equipment today for the best Commercial Custom Welding. Our [inaudible] coffee table comes from the sheet metal of old trucks from the American 1960s. Through the 1970s, the weather-worn patina is beautifully captured and re-imagined into our beautiful [inaudible] coffee tables. Since the patina spots found on our [inaudible] coffee tables are essentially exposed metal. We are careful to use only the finest quality clear coat to allow

And durability. The patina spots found on our [inaudible] coffee table is purposely exposed metal so that we are able to represent the original paint quality and history of each piece. Instead of repainting, we feel our CTN coffee table does its part to represent the people, trucks, and stories, and the all-around a lifestyle that comes with a [inaudible] Chevy.

If you thought you had everything for your man-cave or game room, think again, a true Chevy enthusiast is definitely going to want to have our [inaudible] coffee table. 10 coffee table is a unique piece of furniture. Unlike anything else on the market. If your wife’s on board, you may as well get one for the living room as well. Our seats and coffee tables is a window into the past. Crafted from used automotive car created with clean lines and modern touch to lead a truly classic piece. I mean, make furniture in your home or business. Maybe you’re looking for the perfect holiday gift. It’s almost that time of year. Again, our 10 coffee table would be a great gift for dad or any car and truck lover that you might know. Our sea 10 coffee tables can be customized to meet the color and design scheme of any space.

Our C 10 coffee table meets the high standards of project builders despite the year scene and the miles wore our modern design and style of weld house is sure to create a sea 10 coffee table. That is a beautifully contemporary piece of furniture. Want to get in on the [inaudible] Chevy frenzy, where you don’t have to be rich to make a statement. You may not be a project builder or have the resources and time availability, but with a [inaudible] coffee table, these classics have found a new sense of purpose. Bringing I Memorial and inspiration. Um, two years loss, helping every truck tell its story.

Our C 10 coffee tables display the Chevy passion that exists within all gearheads. Today, you can create a custom [inaudible] coffee table from personal salvaged truck parts by collaborating with weld house on your design and fabrication weld house is able to create one of a kind [inaudible] coffee tables for residential and commercial customers. Our owner and designer, Joel Hester has over 10 years of welding and design experience offering you a high end finished project product here at weld house, we specialize in custom metal furniture crafted with extreme quality and unique fabrication. We pride ourselves in stellar service and attention to detail using only top quality new and recycled materials that come with Commercial Custom Welding. If you are looking for a unique timeless [inaudible] coffee table, that is both functional and eye-catching, consider partnering, partnering with weld house for your next project here at weld house, we are excited to work with you in designing the [inaudible] coffee table of your dreams. Please give us a call today for a quote and let us know, bring your vision of a classic C 10 coffee table to life within the budget that’s available to you. We can’t wait to work with you. All of us at Weld house.