Bed Frame | Have You Seen The Setup We Made?

Bed Frame | Have You Seen The Setup  We Made?

You are looking for a new bed frame, whether yours has been damaged, you are looking to upgrade to maybe a different size or possibly redecorating your bedroom space. Your bed frame is going to be the foundation of your mattress and without a quality frame in which to place your mattress, your sleep can be greatly disturbed. We here at weld house understand that a good bed frame can and should last a lifetime and our bed frames are built to outlast. Even you here at Weld House. Um, we do have over 10 years of experience and designing and fabricating bed frames as well as many other, uh, metal furnishings. Um, we offer a weld house, low boy bed frame. Um, we have visual, um, pictures online, um, showing our lowboy bed frame and earth tone stained finish, um, with a wax sealer, um, options with our lowboy bed frame do include, um, one side tables from our Commercial Custom Welding service.

Should you decide you need them? Um, also nine-piece adjustable feet and a wood inlay on the headboard. Our lowboy bed frame is a modern steel bed frame, and it is built to last, um, to really gain that long-lasting support and durability. Um, choosing a bed frame made with high-quality materials like rod iron, um, is definitely gonna give your bed frame the longevity desired, and also save you money in the long run. Um, as you will not have to replace here at weld house, we do use 14 gauge steel tubing and a one eighth inch plate, um, steel plate to ensure that your new bed frame will last forever, but also so that it’s not going to rock, um, back and forth or squeak, um, Creek make any of those, um, annoying, uh, nighttime sounds that would keep you from getting a good night’s rest.

The bed frame, um, is made up of four main elements. You have the side rails, um, your footboard, and your headboard has mentioned previously. Um, you do have the option of bolt-on side tables, um, as well as a platform deck for using only a mattress. Um, should you choose that you don’t like the aesthetic look or feel of a box spring? Um, typically we do stain the raw metal to a Brown or black finish, and you can choose from a simple, um, leveling adjuster at the base of each leg, um, or signature our nine-piece laser cut adjustable feet that we might use for the best Commercial Custom Welding producing.

Deciding on having a lower or higher bed frame. Um, you want to base this decision on your own height and your health, um, status, um, but also on the look and overall feel of the bed, um, as compared to your own, um, design aesthetic, taller individuals may like beds that are taller in height as it’s easier to move on and off of the bed, um, without having to do any kind of bending or crouching another option, um, with your weld house bed frame, um, it can be customized to have rollers, um, at the edge of, at the end of each leg. Um, if there’s a chance you could be rearranging your room on a regular basis, um, you wouldn’t want to damage the floors beneath, um, and it really just means less work for you. Um, in regard to your bed frame when choosing a rod iron bed frame, um, because of the quality and stability, um, a wrought iron bed frame can hold a lot of weight.

This makes them a great investment since they are durable for so many years. And they’re also actually easier to move. Um, as rod iron I wrought iron bed frame is not as heavy, um, as you might think, and are often lighter than solid wood or a platform beds, um, a metal bed frame, um, is solid and tough and can really withstand any amount of weight. Um, you can use them, you know, for, for many years and, and possibly pass them down, um, through the family, they are so durable. Um, they’re a good choice for making a solid bed frame for your kids that might enjoy our Commercial Custom Welding ideas, um, as they tend to play and have very active lifestyles, um, it can take some of that worry off your mind as far as injuries, um, or, um, sustainability regarding the bed. Um, and you can really choose any custom color selection to go with the room of your choice.

It does not have to be a solid stain when choosing your weld house bed frame. It is good to remember that not all bed frames are the same, um, and bed frames are going to vary in the amount of weight they can handle, um, based on the size. So, you know, thinking larger sized beds, your queen King and California King, um, are often better supported if they have, um, additional railing running through the center, um, to prevent your mattress from sagging or wearing out. Um, and here at weld house, we definitely offer that long-lasting support and durability in your bed frame. Um, so that that’s not something you have to worry about, um, along with our, um, rod iron bed frame, being able to hold a lot of weight, um, and making it a great investment because it is so durable. Um, we also offer a, um, a platform deck, um, that you can purchase with your bed frame. Um, that’s going to eliminate the need of a box spring, um, cutting additional purchases. And it’s also going to, um, fill in any of those spaces, um, left between the larger, um, raw rod iron, um, supports, um, slats have been described as the skeleton, um, or support to your mattress. Um, so with those rod iron or steel slats, um, that are the foundation of your bed, um, putting the slats in there and not placing your mattress directly onto the metal, um, is the best option because of the spacing between

The steel slats, the support of the police platform deck, um, is going to help the longevity of your mattress as well. If you decide to purchase a traditional bed frame, um, and one not from weld house, um, those bedrooms are designed for a box spring, um, to rest on, to support the mattress. Um, so the slots really aren’t an option. Um, but definitely something, if you decide to choose a bed frame, um, from here at weld house, and remember having the proper bed frame is going to make a world of difference, um, starting with the proper center support, um, you need to make sure that your bed frame has a full, um, center support for your queen or your King. Um, if your frame doesn’t, your mattress is most likely going to, um, sink or, um, slouch into the center that we could use for our Commercial Custom Welding service. Um, and you’re definitely not going to get that good, good night’s rest, um, that you would with a weld house bed frame, um, also with the option of setting your red higher or lower with the adjustable feet, um, you can give yourself a little extra storage underneath your bed frame, um, and make it a little bit easier to clean around and underneath here at weld house, we are producing bed frames with a high-level accuracy and incredible attention to detail.

Um, here at weld house, we are utilizing meticulously, fabricated, very tight tolerance, calibrated machinery, um, to create your bed frame. Um, and you’re not going to find this machinery in most welding, um, companies. And we also here at weld house strive to use recycled materials when possible. Uh, we do have reclaimed sheet metal that mostly comes from old cars and trucks of the 1960s through the eighties. Um, but we also do use, um, new steel that is still compromised of 85% recycled material here at Weldon house. Not only do we want to help design and fabricate a bed frame that is going to last you beyond your lifetime. Um, but also that will leave a lasting impression on your guests or family members, um, who come to visit our bed frames can powerfully transform any bedroom, um, whether it’s a children’s space or a quiet adult space here at weld house when it comes to our Commercial Custom Welding.

Um, we really are a leader in metal furniture, fabrication, um, bringing style and fun to your bed frame. Um, Joel is continuously improving our weld house processes and staying innovative to ensure that we do provide the highest quality of bed frames, um, and customer service to you. Our clients remember here at Weld house that the first custom design rendering in relation to your bed frame is free. And we offer you this free design rendering, um, to, to work with you to really help you find the design that best meets your space and your needs in regard to your bed frame. Um, here at weld house, our, our bed frame is a popular choice of furnishings, not only because of that durability, um, as well, the house products do offer sturdy long-lasting fabrication, but also as, as a bold and attractive contemporary piece that is only going to add style and personality to your space here at weld house, we do specialize in creating, um, not only a bed frames, but custom metal furniture and all pieces are crafted with extreme quality and passion.

Um, so if you’re really looking for a unique bed frame, um, that is going to be both functional and long-lasting and eye-catching weld house is the next stop for your custom bed frame of the project here at weld house. Um, we can do more than just a bed frame. We also offer, um, bunk bed frames, um, which we will be getting into next. Um, remember at any time, if you would like to check out our reviews and see what others are saying about weld house products, maybe you just want to jump online and get some inspiration, um, for your own ideas for our Commercial Custom Welding. Visit us online at our website, www dot [inaudible] dot com and lots and lots. And lots of pictures are available on our social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and flicker.