Custom Metal Coffee Tables | Want To Find The Perfect Table For You?

Custom Metal Coffee Tables | Want To Find The Perfect Table For You?

Um, for those who are not familiar with weld house, what do you specialize in or what are you known most for? Um, I don’t know. I mean, I, um, feel like we’ve been The most known for our automotive recycled automotive metal. Um, it’s kind of a blessing and a curse. Um, it’s a blessing because it is truly a very unique product. It’s a, um, not, not a product. It’s a very unique material that the products you make out of it are truly, truly one of a kind and they’re made from a material that’s, you know, 30 to 50 years old and has a story, you know, on its own merits. So it’s very easy to set yourself apart from everybody else because nobody else has done with our Custom Metal Coffee Tables.

I mean, there have been knockoffs that have, you know, write out, you know, just blatantly ripped our styles and designs off. Um, but for the most part, we’ve set ourselves apart from everybody else. The curse is that that material is not readily available. You can’t just go buy it. Um, it takes a lot of effort, you know, and I’ve, I’ve bought virtually everything under the sun and some recycled metal makes beautiful furniture. Others do not make it it’s horrible to work with. So I bought a lot of stuff that wound up just going right back in the rein the recycle bin. And it was a total waste of money. Well, it’s not a waste. I mean, you get to experience it. But, um, so I think we’re most known for our automotive material that we’re fashioning into Custom Metal Coffee Tables. So yeah.

What are you most proud of as a brand? Um, I dunno. I mean, I feel like our brand. I guess when I’m built my, what I think about when I’m building and designing is that there are a lot of craftsmen and craftswomen out there building phenomenal work and When I’m selling a client, a project, they don’t know, they might not, chances are, they don’t know what’s good and what’s bad. They just like it because it looks nice. But, and then that’s great. You know, they, many times I never talked to my customers face. I certainly don’t talk to them face to face. I rarely talk to them on the phone. Most of it is just strictly email and we’re exchanging photographs and email and we’re dialoguing and we’re sending sketches and photographs that it is a relationship. But at the end of the day, they’re sending, they’re making payments, somebody they don’t know in a state and we don’t have any, we have virtually no Arizona business, it’s all out of state. So they’re sending money across state lines and they are very trusting that they’re going to get a product that they’re going to get anything period, much less, that it’s going to be made exceptionally well with our Custom Metal Coffee Tables.

So while my customer might be a doctor in is not mechanically inclined, doesn’t know anything about metal. I want them to be confident that they are getting just world-class fabrication, great materials, great execution, so that if their brother-in-law who is a, a metal guy, and maybe they have a clue as to what, or maybe they’re an aerospace guy or a defense guy, and they know metal and they know to weld, and they have a clue that that family member can look at what they bought at Christmas time and say, that is the best metalworking I’ve ever seen. And I just, I want, and I think about when I mentioned the craftsmen and craftswomen, I want that’s who I’m building for the best Custom Metal Coffee Tables, even though it’s not shipping to them, I want our products to be, um, just, just exceptionally made. Um, so I hope, um, that’s my hope and brands I think are built. At least my brand is going to be built over my lifetime. It’s not, it’s not flashy marketing or whatever, it’s, I just, I want it to be synonymous with the best fabricators out there. What would you say has been the proudest moment in your career so far?

All right. So the proudest moment, I nothing stands out. Um, I’m not a, I am not a person that’s trying to gain attention or have a spotlight. I, I am perfectly content to operate in the background and letting my work speak for itself. You know, we have built some really cool projects for some really big brands and we have the best Custom Metal Coffee Tables

I just, I can’t value one customer over the next. I mean, projects that have taken a lot longer than they should have and, you know, the fact that our pieces look the way that they do and they’re made and they’re, they’re packaged well. And when the client finally gets them and gets them set up in their home, that’s, um, they are always just so appreciative. And the feedback that I get is just they’re, my customers are just so kind and it’s that’s I get, you know, I don’t know. It’s just, every project is very rewarding and, um, that’s really why we do what we do. So I get those in the most. Uh, so I, I just, I don’t have a standout moment cause we have, we get those moments, um, every month, you know, many times a month when projects, when we get to see them for the first time in the shop and we’ll all stand around and just kinda like, you know when you buy a new car, you just go out to the garage and stare at it. And we do that to our projects many times when they finish up and when our clients call and they’re very appreciative and they’re so thrilled, that’s, that’s really what we live for, um, all the time with our great Custom Metal Coffee Tables. So there’s not, there’s not one thing that stands out cause we get, we get the benefit of that feedback.