Custom Metal Desk | Where is The Best To Get One?

Custom Metal Desk | Where is The Best To Get One?

So you’ve decided on a Custom Metal Desk for your workspace. Um, here at weld house, we are able to create stylish quality metal desks for any workspace, not industrial specific. Um, they are ideal for heavy use exclusively at weld house. We offer the X leg and tanker desk.

Weld The house can fabricate metal desks, um, made for government healthcare and education environments. Whether it be an open space plan or a private office setting. One of our Custom Metal Desk here at weld house would be a beautiful addition to any modern industrial setting. I metal desk is a solid piece of furniture, um, that can be utilized in the school office, home, academic, uh, professional or domestic, um, activities such as reading and writing. Um, or as a computer workstation desks are typically made of wood and metal weld house metal desks offer a sturdy construction. Um, that also is a timeless, uh, long-lasting piece of furniture. Um, at weld house, our Custom Metal Desk are able to bring a bold look, um, the perfect combination of style and storage to your, um, home office or professional setting here at weld house. Two of our popular desks are the tanker desk and the X like a desk with our tinker desk. It is our most detailed of metal desks. Um, our tanker desk demands and gets our highest level of attention and detail. Um, our metal desk, um, is TIG welded, um, construction with 14 gauge tubing and 10 gauge hot roll plate steel. These deaths are designed and fabricated to last a lifetime. Um, we feel that our metal tinker desk represents the best of weld house has to offer, um, in our high end, um, line of custom welded furniture. Currently our tanker metal desk, um, is a custom order, um, specific to each client’s needs

Here at weld house. We do offer our X leg Custom Metal Desk. Um, this is our version of a design, um, that is being, has been done many times over, um, what makes, uh, here at weld house, our version, the ex leg Custom Metal Desk, um, difficult to duplicate is that our fixed string table or our welding table, um, allows us to accurately position the four individual X plates for welding. Um, there were five Dell pins that weld everything together, um, and there are 15 individual pieces per leg. Um, these legs are difficult but very fun to build. Um, this makes it almost impossible for other welding companies to duplicate our ma X leg Custom Metal Desk because, um, here at weld house, we do manufacture 95% of our products in house. Um, and we are utilizing a meticulously, fabricated, very tight tolerance, uh, machinery that you cannot find in the majority of other welding companies.

Um, you are going to get a metal desk that is unlike anything offered, um, elsewhere on the market. Currently here at weld house, you can trust that your metal desk will be fabricated utili, utilizing a high level of accuracy and incredible attention to detail. Um, our Custom Metal Desk are a work of art manifested through a combination of your creativity and ours here at weld house. We are a niche, modern metal, a furniture builder, not to, uh, limit ourselves only to Custom Metal Desk. Um, and we do have over 10 years of experience in designing and fabricating an accustom metal furnishings. We are a design lovers, one-stop-shop, all-inclusive custom, uh, metal furniture dealer here at weld house. Our welding artists are bringing your ideas to life. Helping you create that unique quality metal desk crafted with passion and experience. We are able to design and produce commercial and residential furniture.

Um, your metal desk can be a one-off custom project or a large ongoing project. Um, we are able to produce multiple quantities of our metal desks. Um, should you be a commercial restaurant or a hospitality client? Our products are also available at wholesale here at weld house. Our metal desks offer clean lines of a true classic, um, crafted from used automotive parts and, um, transformed into Custom Metal Desk, um, that can powerfully represent you in your space. Um, here at weld house, we do our best to use recycled materials when possible our reclaimed metal mostly comes from sheet metal of old cars and trucks from the American 1960s through the 1980s. And our new steel is still compromised of 85% recycled material. So you can sit comfortably at your desk knowing that you are a part of eco-conscious furniture. Remember here at weld house, we are offering always offering a free custom design rendering to our new clients.

Um, we do this just to show you how well has operates, um, in regard to the quality of our products, um, for additional details on creating your own metal desk, be sure to visit our website. And we can also be found on social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and flicker, and continuing to talk Custom Metal Desk. Um, the word desk originates from the modern Latin word desk. Um, this is translated into a table to write on, um, typically weight made of wood or metal. Um, the first ma metal desks, um, were shown in medieval times. Um, more drawers were added to the design in the Renaissance period as woodworking, um, precision increased, um, basic desk designs derived from the 17th and 18th centuries. Um, our, what our metal desks are rooted in today, um, as jobs in the white-collar community increased following the industrial revolution, mass production of desks, um, became a part of the new world.

Um, the first major division, um, regarding finely crafted Custom Metal Desk versus rapid assembly. And the labor sector, um, was in the beginning of the 20th century. Um, during this time as steel or Custom Metal Desk make their debut a metal desk is popular, not only for durability, um, but also as an attractive contemporary piece, our metal desks add style and personality to any space. Um, we believe if your furniture is going to say something about you, when you leave the room, um, you should make sure that it says something flattering by, um, contacting a weld house on a metal desk project today because here well, the house we are, um, producing Custom Metal Desk, um, with sheet metal tabletops, um, to simply keep your tabletop looking great year after year apply your favorite brand of spray wax, coupled with a microfiber cloth and Polish to the shine you desire here at weld house, our product lines are not limited to Custom Metal Desk.

We are also able to create a wide range of metal furniture products, which can be found available on our website here at the weld house. Our staff and welding artists are excited every day to help you design and build your Custom Metal Desk. Creativity is key when designing with the weld house staff, um, we want to collaborate with you weld house designs for Custom Metal Desk range from industrial to mental list. Um, we don’t want to exclude urban, modern farmhouse or mid-century, um, as we believe our Custom Metal Desk, um, would fit beautifully in any of these, um, weld house is able to offer custom colorization for your Custom Metal Desk, um, to fit the design, our color scheme of your project or space, um, from the initial consultation on your metal desk, through the build process weld house team members work closely with you, um, providing exceptional customer service along the way, um, collecting all of the necessary information needed to create your Custom Metal Desk.

Um, the team member will communicate this information collected to our owner and head designer, Joel Hester. Um, Joel is a leader in metal furniture, fabrication, and Joel is able to bring style and fun to your Custom Metal Desk. Um, Joel is continuously improving weld house processes, staying innovative, uh, to provide the highest quality of products and service to our clients here at weld house. Um, we are going to utilize that project information collected by the team member, um, and directly communicate it to Joel using this information. Juul will mock up a simple sketch design, um, with the various options related to your Custom Metal Desk. Um, following that you will be scheduled a direct communication via a phone meeting with Joel, even though his time is valuable and he is a busy man, he would like to ensure a direct level of communication regarding your project or Custom Metal Desk.

Um, and remember that the first custom design rendering is free. So if you are thinking about a Custom Metal Desk, don’t hesitate to come on in. We want to work with you in regard to your budget, weld houses, continuously setting the new standard for custom metal furniture fabrication. If you’re looking for a Custom Metal Desk, look no farther, just check out our reviews online and see what people are saying about weld house products, but don’t just rely on the feedback of our previous and current clients. Take it upon yourself to visit weld house and take a look at our shop and how we operate. You can check out our metal desk section, um, and find the customization, um, that would work best for you and your space. If you are truly looking for a unique Custom Metal Desk that is both functional and eye-catching, um, weld house is definitely for you. Um, and we want to collaborate on your next project. Call us in the office for a quote today, weld house. Can’t wait to work with you. As we specialize in custom metal furniture crafted with extreme quality. We want to produce your Custom Metal Desk.