We offer a ton of different services Custom Metal TablesĀ  if you haven’t been to the website you can go to the actual products page probably the best way to see the different services that we offer because really welding and making modern furniture us what the services that we offer we only offer one service but the fact that we have multiple different things that we can build for you is what I would kinda categorizes different services

so we can build you know custom metal tables we can build desk we can build bunkbeds signage and even wall art so no matter what it is that your wanting from us you can always get it and you can see the website which is going to have a ton of different things on and see can get good ideas of what things let me look like to give you an idea to of different things like the adjustable you know leveling feet on the tables and the X leg desk that we have so these are all going to be really big opportunities for you.

I am doing the best custom metal tables that you probably ever seen and if you have questions about getting conference tables custom metal tables are really whatever it is that you’re looking for just ask us. Will do it offer you a great price. We are able to go over a budget with you and help you figure out what your budget is so that we know were working with maybe the you only have a $10,000 budget to build a table for your house that’s perfectly fine we can build you a really nice coffee table for you know just under 10 grand and you will absolutely love it. So please if you would like to be able to get a custom table this is always going to be the best place to come.

We build a number of different types of furniture. We can build couches out of metal tables can build bunkbeds desk wall art signs I mean the services that we offer a really going to be never ending because we simply do really great metalworking so no matter what it is that your wanting we can do a great job of getting it for you. We are very good at doing metalworking and if you would like to see it than by one of our pieces.

If you have questions about the kind of things that we can do you can go to the website and see them or if you have an idea for us to build something that may not be on the website you can literally just sketch something up adroit we have a consultation process with you can explain that to us and we can try to re-create that were very good at re-creating and turning people’s ideas into reality so please give us a call today at 602-228-4836 or go online@WeldHouse.com

Do You Need Good Custom Metal Tables?

If you’re looking at the best ways to contact us about giving your custom metal tables experience the best was to come to we do a great job of helping you with the consultation process and I think picking up the phone and is giving us a call is always going to be the best way to get in contact that I always encourage people to go to the website as well because a lot of great information on it. So please if you have a chance to check the website our you like to know more about it go online it’s a great place to again learn more about what we offer and what were able to do so please elicit give us a call and just let us show you why we are so good at what we offer.

But only are we going to Custom Metal Tables continue offering greatness for you but were going to do a great job of giving you what you been looking for and more. We also are going to help you make the decisions on what color to use and what the functionality of the actual pieces going to be this will be great because it will help you to really get a better chance of actually getting made what your wanting.

You truly will love the way that we are able to put things together for you. Who is really never going to be a better place to come to to get something like this than right here. We always do a good job of going over the consultation process and making you feel at home and I think that’s probably what really gives people the ability to get with are looking for and more. Please if you want to look at more pictures go to our website the website is great because it gives you a good idea what we’ve already done and you can think of different colors that you may want by looking at the color schemes that are on there.

Custom metal tables are just the beginning of what we do we also do everything from signage to conference tables and desk to even bunkbeds for the kids if you would like us to do that so please just let us know what it is that you’re looking for us to build and will build that for you. If you have a new idea of something that you want built that’s not on the website just talk to us about it and let’s see if we can come together on and make it happen.

We are always the best company to come to for customer service we do a great job of not only giving you good customer service but doing it in a way that makes you want to come back and tell your friends about us please give us a call right here today at Weld house phone number or go online@WeldHouse.com