Our core values are going to be quality over quantity and customer service over everything else we want to make sure that we are hitting the brief. If you give us an idea of something that you’re looking for our goal is to make that vision come to life and so we design this piece to fit whatever the needs are of the spaces going in and the person is going to be owning it. Were very good at hitting the mark because we have years of experience doing. This is why people love coming to get handcrafted custom metal tables from us instead of going anywhere else. Let us show you why we are the best.

The handcrafted custom metal tables that we build are just the surface we built so much more with metal we have handcrafted work that we’ve done in many different ways them are going to continue doing everything that we can help you with it. If you have never seen any of the kind of material that we’ve used or tables or art that we built you should definitely go to the website and check out the gallery.

We can protect you from having to worry about buying multiple tables when you get would tables they simply will start to where after a while and become worn down and they just simply won’t work right if they get any kind of moisture than they start to swell and so the joints won’t open right and we don’t have any of those problems with our metal table so if you would like to switch out what you her going with now for a handcrafted custom metal tables experience than give us a call right here and we would love to set up a consultation with you.

Our core values are going to be based on customer service and excellence we want to make sure that our products are of the highest quality and look the best. The consultation is a free service is something that we offer as a no-brainer to you. We want you to know that we care enough of that our services that will work with you and the beginning and figure out what it is that you want without charging you because we know them only shop in the end you’ll be happy to purchase this item because you’ll be able to tell that the quality the exceptional customer service it’s all there.

We are not only going to be the best place to find custom tables but we do a great job at other products as well such as signs and even art for your wall. Please enjoy all the gallery photos we have on our website if you’d like to check it out I WeldHouse.com where you can call us online and get a estimate over the phone at 602-228-4836

Are You Searching For Phenomenal Handcrafted Custom Metal Tables?

If you’re trying to decide what company to use for metalworking it’s a no-brainer you should definitely come here all of our tables are going to look so much better and last longer than you’ll find anywhere else. These handcrafted custom metal tables or simply going to be above and beyond anything you’re going to receive anywhere else. Our customer service in the way that we treat our customers is also going to be a lot better than you’ll find that another metalworking shop.

Many of the shops are going to act put out by the fact that you even called asked questions they really don’t like asking or answering questions they don’t like figuring out what your needs are they don’t want to really actually do anything they just want you to give them money for nothing. We on the other hand are a lot different we believe that we can create value and what we have to offer and then the money just comes after that we don’t necessarily have a goal to make money we have a passion for building custom tables and the monies just a perk.

Our passion truly lies in the fact that we do love building these artistic pieces are people’s homes we love creating that ability for you to have a conversation piece whenever someone comes in so if you’d like a custom piece of art to add to your home and can get one of these amazing handcrafted custom metal tables today we can ship these tables all over the US on the matter what city or state that you’re in we can get you what you need. Do not hesitate or worry because we are always going to be the best place to come to anytime you need any kind of handcrafted table.

Please allow us to help you with everything that you need. If you would love getting what we offer you can always tell your friends about us. I guarantee they’ll be asking works you get that table. Everyone always ask when they see the artwork that we do whether it’s a piece of wall art a bedframe a coffee table the larger table or a desk people are asking where did you get that piece of art. They love the fact that they are look so patina did and very neat. Handcrafted custom metal tables is what we do best.

We are always going to be considered the best company for handcrafted custom metal tables because I was our bread-and-butter however we also do a lot of really great things such as wall art and signs. Please go to the website and check out all the different things that we have available. Please give us a call today at 602-228-4836 or go online WeldHouse.com