Metal TV Stand | Are You Looking For The Best Way To Hold Your TV?

Metal TV Stand | Are You Looking For The Best Way To Hold Your TV?

So you’re thinking you want to buy a metal TV stand. Um, our metal TV stands at weld house can powerfully transform any space, residential retail, business office, government healthcare, or education, a weld house metal TV stand, um, is a popular choice. Not only for durability as weld house products offer a sturdy long-lasting fabrication, but also as a bold, attractive contemporary piece, adding a style and personality to your space here at weld house. We want your showcase pieces, um, to say something positive about your style, um, whenever you leave the room, well, the house would like to ensure that your furniture is saying something flattering, choosing a metal TV stand, um, is going to offer you that durability and stability. Um, with a long life metal T V stands can offer the same options as a wood piece, but without all of the metal.

So who is weld house? We are a niche, modern metal furniture builder. Um, weld house has over 10 years of fabricating metal, TV stands, and many other metal furnishings here at weld house. Our welding artists are able to collaborate with you, um, to bring your ideas to life creating quality TV metal TV stands crafted with passion and experience. Um, here at weld house, we do operate on a high level of accuracy with incredible attention to detail. Our metal TV stand is a work of art, um, that we would like to say is manifested through a combination of not only our creativity, um, but yours as well here at weld house, we are designing commercial and residential furniture. Um, we can help you with a one-off custom project, or if you are a retailer wholesaler, um, or work with you on large ongoing projects, um, we are able to produce multiple quantities for commercial, um, or restaurant hospitality clients.

Um, here at weld house, we do manufacture 95% of our products in house making your metal TV stand, um, an easily designed and fabricated, um, option. We use very tight tolerance, calibrated machinery that you will not find in most welding companies. Um, here at weld house, uh, we do use, uh, recycled materials as often as possible. Our reclaimed metal comes mostly from the sheet metal of old cars and trucks, uh, from the American 1960s through the 1980s. And the new steel we use is still compromised if 85%, uh, recycled materials. So weld holes is ever able to offer you your metal TV stand with custom designs, clean lines of a true classic. Um, and we are crafted from used automotive parts, transforming your metal TV, stand into a timeless work of art. So you’ve been looking for a metal TV stand and you’ve done the web searches.

You’ve decided on your style, whether it going to be, um, minimal, uh, contemporary, urban, industrial recycled modern, um, weld house wants to help complete your living space with that metal TV stand. Our metal TV stands are, uh, with beautiful custom detail and style. The only thing you will need to decide is will your TV be wall-mounted or supported by your metal TV stand? Um, you would want to consider the room layout when making this decision. If you have a small or irregular shaped room, a wall Mount would be the best option to go with, um, leaving you to create your metal TV stand, um, without the worry of covering the beautiful tabletop surface, determining the size, um, for your custom project, your metal TV stand, um, you would need to know the actual width of your TV and its weight capacity.

Um, sizing is more important than aesthetics. Um, you want to consider that an oversized TV, um, on a metal TV stand that is the same size or smaller, um, does pose a safety risk, especially in busy households, um, the height for your middle TV stand. Um, it would depend on the height of the furniture, um, seating arrangement. So you would want to be able to view the center of your TV screen at, or just below eye level. When you are seated, you would start by measuring from the floor up to about half the height of the TV. Um, here at weld house, we can fabricate a Mount for your metal TV stand with an ability to adjust, um, the height with ease. Um, well, once you decide the actual width, height and weight capacity of your, uh, metal TV stand, you will need to decide whether you would like a large, um, medium or small, uh, metal TV stand.

Um, if you go with something larger, you are, um, offered more storage options. Uh, the surface is larger for showcase pieces, um, and common measurements are about 74 inches up to 85. So you’d want to take that into consideration, um, in your space, if you think you would work with a medium-size metal TV stand, which on average would be about 64, um, to 70 inches, um, you would have a moderate surface, um, and, and storage abilities. Um, maybe for, uh, someone who doesn’t have such a busy household and doesn’t require as money, uh, storage needs

A small metal TV stand is anywhere from 42 inches to 60 inches on average. Um, this is going to offer you more sturdy support, um, because it is a compact design, it would be a good fit for a bedroom, a dorm, or that irregular, uh, room layout that you’re not quite sure how to decorate in. So deciding style versus a storage, um, would help you determine the size of the metal TV stand that you are in need of, um, a family home that is as a busy household, might want to opt for a large metal TV stand that offers cabinets and drawers for easy storage to hide, um, clutter, um, also to, uh, how’s the media components and keep things organized. Um, if you would like to choose style over storage, uh, simple lines, uh, possibly some open shelving and minimal drawers. Um, keeping it simple would offer a clean and, um, sophisticated design, um, again, making the choice to metal. Um, it is durable, stable, and long lasting. Um, so you really can’t go wrong when choosing a metal, a TV stand. Um, it does work and just about every design style. Well, house is a design lover’s dream in custom metal furniture fabrication because we do offer stylish quality metal TV stands that are only exclusive to weld house.

Um, here at Waldo is our product lines are not limited to metal TV stands. Um, we do also do custom work of coffee tables, bed frames, media cabinets, um, conference tables, desk, restaurant tables, community work tables, console tables, display, table signs, wall art, and so much more. Um, our weld house staff is always excited and ready to help you, um, create the metal TV stand of your dream. We offer a custom colorization, um, to match your design scheme, um, from the initial design consultation through the build process of your metal TV stand wild house team members, uh, we’ll work closely with you providing exceptional customer service. Um, here at weld house, we appreciate and value all of our clients. Following an inquiry, a team member will reach out, um, to discuss your specific project needs. Um, in relation to your metal TV stand, um, how many, the quantity you’re wanting to produce, um, the design style that you were looking for, um, the budget that you would like to stay in, in any projected timelines you may be, you may have, um, regarding your metal TV stand lead times here at weld house do vary from four weeks to four months, depending on the size of your project.

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Um, a wild house team member will communicate to our owner and head designer, Joel Hester, all of the information that you’ve provided, um, Joel is a leader in metal furniture, fabrication. He is able to bring style and fun to your metal TV stand. Um, Joel is also continuously improving, uh, processes here at weld house and staying innovative, uh, to provide the highest quality of products and service, um, to our clients utilizing that collected information. Um, Joel is able to mock up a simple sketch design and present a variety of options to you in regard to your metal TV stand. Um, you will also be scheduled a direct communication, um, with Juul so that you can discuss these options over the phone, um, ensuring that direct level of communication, um, and attention to detail regarding your metal TV stand. Um, remember that, uh, first custom design rendering that we offer is free.

Um, we do this because we want to give people the opportunity to showcase our pieces and to, um, see how well the house operates and the actual quality of our products. This is another reason why we try to work within your budget guidelines, um, to ensure that you’re able to take home a custom wild house, a piece, be it a metal TV stand here at weld house. We believe in continuously setting a new standard for custom metal furniture fabrication. Um, feel free to check out our reviews online and see what our clients are saying about weld house products, little fun facts. Um, some of our clients have included Starbucks, HGTV, raising canes, Smuckers, Pixar. Um, we were able to help all of these, uh, businesses bring custom touches to their locations. And while the house is always excited to offer a unique custom touches to your home, um, your business office, um, or a hospitality environment are metal TV stands are able to, um, meet the needs of any design space.

Um, because we do do custom projects, um, a, another area where weld house is set apart from other manufacturers is that, um, because we do use the recycled steel, um, from American automobiles through the 1960s through the 1980s during this time period, um, they did have really bad quality paint. So throughout the years, this has become whether worn well, this patina and it’s 40 plus year story is what weld house captures in its modern steel furniture. And what would be represented in your modern metal TV stand, um, to view additional, um, uh, photos or details about any of our custom metal furniture? Um, there are several media outlets that you can be sure and visit, um, our website, uh, can also be found. Um, photos can also be found on social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and flicker. And remember because we do offer that first custom design rendering to you free, um, we make it, um, reasonable and, and an affordable option to own a custom, uh, metal TV. So now that you have you decided on your metal, a TV stand, um, from weld house, because you are looking for that unique metal TV stand, that is, uh, both durable, functional, but also an eye-catching show paced, um, while the house is excited and can’t wait to work with you. So please give us a call on a quote today.