Patina Coffee Tables | How Can I Get One Of These Tables?

Patina Coffee Tables | How Can I Get One Of These Tables?

Today, we are talking about weld houses, contemporary coffee table, um, that has a reclaimed sheet metal tabletop. Um, there are trace amounts of the original gray, gray paint. Um, but most of it is worn off and bears a metal patina. Um, so in reference to a patina coffee table, for those of you who don’t know a patina is from the Italian word, um, and it represents a green or brownish color. Um, we at weld house feel that Katina adds character to our coffee tables. Um, a greener Brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, um, is produced by oxidation over a long period of time. Um, a gloss or sheen is placed over the surface, um, resulting in preservation of the aging process. Um, we are going to talk with Sparky, who is our painter here at weld house. Um, and he is going to give us more details on our patina coffee tables and the processes used in creating and painting. Hey Sparky. So tell me a little bit, um, what kind of finishes do we use on our patina coffee tables?

Well, we used an HYP, um, high gloss, clear coat on our reclaimed sheet metal, tabletop saturated, specially formulated for grabs this bond and raw materials. So it’s, we’ve worked on various different things so that we can achieve the hardest, um, the hardest, clear to protect the metal into patina, into patina spots that we’re trying to protect our fruit of the actual metal, the raw metal. And so we’re trying to save that characteristic of the metal because each one’s different and each one has sowed beauty. So that’s why we came up with, uh, a high-end clear gloss that has a nice shine to it. Like automotive, Clair beds durable. It will last throughout the years.

That sounds awesome. So we’re able, uh, to preserve the character of all of our patina tables, um, through our research that we’ve done on the products We use. Correct. Cool. Can you tell me a little bit more about your role here at Wells? My role as a special painter, I am, uh, I’m the one who tries to create the pickiness to match what is existing and, uh, and preserve what is existing. That way we don’t lose the losing natural beauty of, of, uh, of something that’s been around for awhile. Okay, cool. Sparky. Um, can you kind of walk me through, um, the process that you use, um, in creating the patina coffee table?

Okay. First we get to the raw metal and then I take it into booth and then I cleaned it. I use a wax of grease mover that will take out of all impurities oils, fingerprints, whatever, I’ll take it off the metal. And once that’s done, I laid down an poxy primary industrial epoxy primer. That’s really hard and durable and it seals the metal. Then after that, I start laying colors down to achieve the patina effect, and I use different techniques to create different, different looks, but a lot of it’s overlays of colors, the colors that have what’s that’s dead will come back. It will sand it and take out any imperfections. It will make it the patina, certain colors come through. It will allow certain colors to stay there. And then certain colors come through to add a cer certain vibrance to it. And then when that’s done, then I’ll put the high end clear-coat on there. I’ll put like prior three or four coats, and then that will still EV all the artwork and the patina and the metal and everything. And you get your high end finish from that.

Awesome. Thank you so much for that information Sparky. We do appreciate you here at weld house. If you have any questions on how to keep your reclaimed sheet metal, patina coffee table looking great, you can simply apply your favorite brand of a spray wax, coupled with a microfiber cloth and Polish it back to its beautiful new condition. Should you find that your, um, patina coffee table from weld house, um, needs refinishing following many years of use or even abuse, you can simply visit your local auto body shop sand and shoot a nuclear coat finish on your tabletop. We here at weld house, um, always enjoy a contact prior to doing so, so that we may advise you on how we can help facilitate that task in your local area here at weld house, um, we are designing and fabricating niche, modern metal furniture to include patina coffee tables.

We are operating over eight years of experience in designing custom metal furniture. We are able to produce commercial and residential furniture here at weld house creating one-off custom projects or large ongoing projects. Um, should you choose a patina coffee table wealth house can efficiently produce multiple quantities for your commercial restaurant or hospitality clients. Our weld house products are also available wholesale prices, um, but be sure to contact our office, um, for further details. Um, here at weld house, our patina coffee tables, um, are manufactured, um, using 95% of inhouse, um, products we utilize meticulously, fabricated, um, tight tolerance, calibrated machinery. You will not find weld houses, um, well machinery and most welding companies, um, because weld house is constantly striving to produce a high level of accuracy with an incredible attention to detail. Our patina coffee tables are guaranteed to be unlike any other, um, Juul. Our owner and head designer is a perfectionist and every patina coffee table that he creates, um, utilizing Recycled materials here at weld house. Um, we are re-imagining car and truck parts, um, into patina coffee tables. Um, the reclaimed metal mostly comes from cars and trucks from the 1960s through the 1980s, um, American cars and trucks through the 1960s through the 1980s. Um, and even though we do use new steel on some of our projects, um, it is still compromised of 85% recycled material.

We are using the American automobiles, um, from the 1960s through the 1980s for our patina coffee tables due to the fact that they had really bad paint quality, um, during this time. Um, but creating the weather worn look, um, that weld house is after. Um, we are able to capture a, the 40 plus year story, um, from these vehicles in our modern steel furniture Because of the creativity and know how, um,

Of our owner and designer Joel Hester weld house is able to create patina coffee tables that have the clean lines and represent a true classic work of art. For those of you who are unaware, weld house is always offering free custom design renderings to new clients, showing the world how we operate and the quality of our, um, patina coffee tables. Please remember that weld house product line is not limited to patina coffee tables, but also, um, includes bed frames, media cabinets, conference tables, just restaurant tables, community work tables, display tables, signs, wall art, and so much more. Um, we are able to produce this patina finish on more than just a patina coffee table. Weld house staff is always excited and ready to help you design and build the patina coffee table of your dreams here at weld house, we believe creativity is key. Our patina coffee tables range in style from industrial to minimalists, not to exclude urban modern farmhouse and mid century. Well house is able to offer custom colorization of our patina coffee tables for your design and color scheme.

Um, here at weld house, our team members, um, are dedicated to help you navigate your way through the design and building process of your patina coffee table, providing exceptional customer service along the way, following your inquiry on your patina coffee table, a weld house team member will reach out to discuss your specific needs involving the quantity type of product, if you would like to choose more than just our patina coffee table, a design style and, and a budget within, um, your needs, projected timelines here, weld house, um, are anywhere from four weeks to four months, depending on the size of project. Um, you are interested in, um, following the collection of all your information. A weld house team member is able to communicate that information to our owner and head designer, Joel Hester. Um, Joel is able to mock up a simple sketch design regarding your patina coffee table, um, and the variety of options available to you in regards to your project.

Um, but we are also able to share images with you from our shop of the current cars, um, car, truck, and hoods that we have available, um, and what colors those would come in following. Um, Joel’s mockup of your patina coffee table. I’m a team member will schedule direct communication between you, our client and Juul Hester, our owner and designer. Um, this is done for ease and convenience, and to ensure that there is proper communication, um, and understanding regarding your custom patina coffee table. Remember that first custom design rendering is free. Um, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to weld house. Um, if you do have specific budget guidelines, we are always more than happy to try to work within your budget to make sure that you are able to take home a piece of weld house art. Um, whether it be a patina coffee table or one of our many other offerings here at weld house, we are continuously setting the new standard for custom metal furniture fabrication.

This is shown not only in our products, um, but the vendors that we use and the products that are used on our patina coffee tables, um, we strive to use nothing but the best. And Joel has put in the hard time and research to ensure, um, that our finishes are unlike any others. Um, please check out weld house reviews online to see what people are saying about weld house products and our patina coffee tables. We know you won’t be disappointed here at weld house, we are creating one of a kind patina coffee tables for residential and commercial customers. Please remember our owner and designer. Joel Hester has over 10 years of welding and design experience. We believe we are offering a high end finished product in our patina coffee tables. Um, unlike anything that is available out on the market. Currently here at weld house, we do specialize in custom metal furniture crafted with extreme quality and care.

We are taking pride and our stellar service and attention to detail. Please keep in mind. We are using only top quality, new and recycled materials to achieve the patina finish on our coffee tables. If you were looking for a unique patina coffee table, that is both functional eye-catching and a conversation piece, definitely consider weld house for your next project. Give us a call in the office today, or shoot us an email here at weld house. Our team members are always ready to talk to you and we look forward to helping you create the patina coffee table of your dreams for your home or place of business.