Sheet Metal Desks | Want A Durable Desk Today?

Sheet Metal Desks | Want A Durable Desk Today?

Here at weld house. We are the builders of niche, modern metal furniture. We have over eight years of experience designing and fabricating sheet metal desks and custom metal furnishings of all kinds. Our sheet metal desks via the tanker or X leg can powerfully transform any space. Whether it be residential, retail, or office here at weld house, our welding artists bring your ideas to life. Helping create unique quality sheet metal desks crafted with passion and experience well house designs, commercial and residential metal furniture. One-off custom projects or large ongoing projects. Weld house can efficiently produce multiple quantities for commercial restaurant or hospitality clients. Our sheet metal desks are also available at wholesale. Our sheet metal desk is a popular choice of metal furnishings, not only for its durability, but also as an attractive contemporary piece. Adding style and personality to your space. Weld house currently offers the tanker desk.

The tanker sheet metal desk is our most detailed of desks. The tanker sheet metal desk demands and gets our highest level of attention. All TIG welded construction with 14 gauge tubing and 10 gauge hot roll plate steel. These desks will last a lifetime and represent the best weld house has to offer. Currently all of our sheet tinker sheet metal desks are made to order custom to each client’s needs. They are custom ordered with no paint, only clear powder coated, weld and grid marks are visible under the clear coat. If you would like to see photos of our tank, tinker sheet metal desk, please visit our flicker for additional weld house photos. Our other popular sheet metal desk here at weld house is the X leg desk. This is our version of a design that has been done before.

What makes our X leg sheet metal desk difficult to accurately duplicate is that our fixturing or welding table that allows us to accurately position the four individual X plates for welding. There are a five dowel pins that weld everything together in all. There are 15 individual pieces per leg on this sheet metal desk. These legs are difficult, but very fun to build. Weld house has legs configured for 36 inch 30 inch, 24 inch and 16 inch depths all standing 30 inches tall on our X leg sheet metal desk here at weld house, we manufacture 95% of our products in house. We are consistently utilizing meticulously, fabricated, very tight, taller tolerance, calibrated machinery. Our welding machinery is not commonly found at most welding fabrication companies due to this fact weld house produces, um, sheet metal desks with a high level of accuracy and a credit incredible attention to detail.

Our sheet metal desk is a work of art manifested through a combination of your creativity and ours here at weld house, we are striving to use recycled materials when possible, um, when creating our sheet metal desks, our reclaimed metal mostly comes from the sheet metal of old cars and trucks from the American 1960s through the 1980s. Also the new steel we use on our sheet metal desk is still compromised. If 85% recycled material weld house is able to offer products, um, with clean lines of a true classic because our owner and designer, Joel Hester has a vision and attention to detail. Um, unlike any other currently in the Valley fun fact here at weld house, we have clients, uh, to include Starbucks HGTV, raising canes, Smuckers, and Pixar to name a few weld houses, excited to offer a unique custom touch to your home. Um, retail or business office

Here at weld house, we do offer a free custom furniture design rendering to new clients. We do this as a way to show you how weld house operates and the quality of our sheet metal desks for additional details and pricing, please visit our website You can also find additional pictures of our sheet metal desks on social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, or flicker. Please remember our product align is not limited to sheet metal desks. We are also able to create custom coffee tables, bed frames, media cabinets, conference tables, restaurant tables, community work tables, display tables, signs, wall art, uh, to name a few the wa here at weld house, our staff and our welding artists are excited to help you design and build the sheet metal desk of your dreams. Here at weld house, we do believe creativity is key. Our custom metal furniture designs and our sheet metal desk designs range from industrial to minimalists, uh, to include urban modern farmhouse and mid century weld house is able to offer custom colorization.

Um, in regard to your design scheme, when creating your sheet metal desk here at weld house from the initial design consultation through the build process, a weld house team member will work closely with you providing exceptional customer service to ensure a quality sheet metal desk. Following any inquiry. A wild house team member will reach out to discuss your project needs relating to the quantity of sheet metal desks you may need. If you are choosing a another type of product, um, the design style and the budget, um, you prefer to stay within regarding your project and a timeline. Um, should there be any here at weld house? Our lead times vary on our sheet metal desks anywhere from four weeks to four months, depending on the quantity and size of your project. Following the communication of your project info. A weld house team member will communicate to our owner and head designer.

Joel Hester. Joel is a leader in metal fabrication industry. He is continuously improving Wells house prof processes, staying innovative to provide high quality products and service to you. Our clients, following the team member communication with Joel, he is able to mock up a simple sketch design, presenting you with a variety of options related to your sheet metal desk or other project requests. A team member will also schedule direct communication with Juul, for your ease and convenience to ensure a level of communication regarding your custom sheet metal desk, um, and its quality and development. Please remember as mentioned before here at weld house, the first custom design rendering is free as were weld. House is continuously working to set a new standard for custom metal furniture fabrication. Please take time to check out our reviews online and see what our clients and vendors are saying about weld house products.

We guarantee there’s nothing else like us on the market here at weld house, we are creating one of a kind sheet metal desks for our residential and commercial clients. Please keep in mind. Our owner and designer, Joel Hester has over 10 years of welding and design experience. This allows us to offer, uh, the high end finished products in our sheet metal desks here at weld house. We are specializing in custom metal furniture, again, crafting with extreme quality and care. We pride ourselves in stellar customer service and attention to detail here at weld house, we are only using top quality new and recycled materials when creating your sheet metal desk. If you are looking for a unique, beautiful sheet metal desk, that is both functional and eye-catching please contact weld house for your next project here at weld house, our team members and our welding artists are excited and can’t wait to work with you. Weld house can be contacted a few different ways in regard to your custom sheet metal desk. We are available over the phone at our location here in Phoenix. You can also contact us via our website and social media platforms. You can also reach us by for any potential inquiries regarding a sheet metal desk or any other metal furniture projects. Um, weld house has to offer.