Welded Coffee Table | Want A Durable Table?

Welded Coffee Table | Want A Durable Table?

Weld house is a modern metal furniture manufacturer. World house has over eight years of experience in designing and custom metal furniture at weld house. Um, we design commercial and residential furniture. We are able to help you complete a one-off custom project or large ongoing projects. Weld house can efficiently produce, um, mass quantities for commercial restaurant or hospitality projects. Um, wild house products are also available at wholesale. Um, we do request a minimum order, the quantity of four pieces here at weld house. We are proud of the fact that we manufacture 95% of our products in house. We utilize meticulously, fabricated, very tight tolerance, calibrated machinery. Our equipment is not commonly found in most welding companies at weld house because of this. We are able to produce a high level of accuracy with incredible attention to detail. Our owner, Joel Hester is a perfectionist and nothing gets past his eye here at wild house, we are able to reimagine automotive car and truck parts. We strive to use recycled materials when possible our reclaimed metal mostly comes from the sheet metal of old cars and trucks dating through the 1960s and 1980s. Our new steel production is still compromised of 85% recycled material.

As fax would have it automobiles from the 1960s to the 1980s had really bad paint quality. Um, we have utilized this opportunity of weather-worn patina, and we capture it in our modern steel furniture. Weld house is able to offer custom designs and clean lines of a true classic. We, our products are crafted from used automotive parts and we transform those into timeless works of art

Weld house is offering a free custom design rendering to new clients as a way to show the world how well the house operates in customer service and the quality of our products for additional details regarding all weld house. Be sure to visit our website at www.weldhouse.com. You can also find us on social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter liquor at once. House. Our product lines include custom welded, coffee tables, bed frames, media cabinets, conference tables, desks, restaurant tables, community work, table, display tables, signs, cubicles, well art, and so much more at weld house. Our staff is excited to help you design and build the custom welded coffee table of your dreams. At weld house. Creativity is key. Our designs range from industrial to minimalist, um, to include urban modern farmhouse and mid-century weld house is able to offer a custom colorization for your design scheme.

When you are ready to contact wild house in regard to your custom welded coffee table, a team member will help you navigate your way through the design process, providing exceptional customer service. Following an inquiry, a team member will reach out to discuss your needs, the quantity you’re looking for the type of product, your design style, your budget, and the projected timeline here at welder house. Our lead times do vary from four weeks to four months, depending on the size of your project, a team member will communicate all of this information provided to the head designer. Joel Hester. Joel is then able to mock up a simple design sketch with a variety of options related to your custom welded coffee table. A team member will then schedule a direct communication via phone meeting, um, for your ease and convenience with our owner to ensure a direct level of communication regarding your custom welded coffee table.

Remember the first custom design rendering is free and weld house is continuously setting the new standard for custom metal furniture fabrication, check out our reviews online and see what people are saying about weld house products. The custom metal fabrication that goes on here at weld house would be impossible without welding. If you don’t know much about welding, it does date back to the iron and bronze ages. There is evidence that Egypt learned welding iron up to 2000 years ago. Conventional welding appeared in the 19th century. There are a few different manual welding methods available today. One is MIG, which is gas metal or arc welding. Um, this form of welding uses any gun that fires electricity, uh, through a wire, um, that is attached to the metal. Utilizing this process. You will hit the metal to its melting point. And this is a method that is commonly used to weld alloys, such as steel nickel, copper, magnesium, and aluminum.

Um, it is most popular in the automotive field. TIG welding is another one. It is similar to MIG except there is a use of an electrode to create a molten weld puddle. This can involve an external filler rod, and that will melt into the puddle and increase the mechanical process. This is a method popular with aerospace industries, um, motorcycle and piping systems. There is another method that is known as spot welding. Um, this is the most popular and uses electrical currents to generate heat, um, and joining metals. You would clamp the surfaces together, um, and direct an electric current. This allows quick joining without unnecessary heating throughout the entire piece of metal. This would be most effective, um, for joining wire mesh and sheet metal. This is most popular in the automotive and orthodontic fields here at weld house. We schedule you, um, direct communications with Juul, our owner, and head designer, so that he can understand your custom welded coffee table needs and provide the best in shop welding process related to when choosing a company to design and fabricate your custom welded coffee table.

It is important to keep in mind that welding is definitely a hands-on skill. It is not something that you can learn from books or videos. So it is best to stick with a welder who has strong attention to detail, um, and high standards to ensure the quality of your piece here at weld house. We would love to collaborate with you in creating the welded coffee table, um, best suited to your project needs. Um, but we would like to create something unique, modern, and totally timeless, um, with our, uh, minimal, um, design style and handmade, um, welded coffee tables. You can guarantee that your piece will be a stunning addition to any space. Our custom welded coffee tables are a bold example of industrialism, um, and solid construction.

With a desirable aged patina here at weld house, we use a high gloss clear coat on your welded coffee table, um, that will bond aggressively to raw metal because the patina spots found on our reclaimed welded coffee tables is essentially exposed. Um, we source out the finest clear coat, um, that has the highest gloss shine of automotive. Um, coupled with durable characteristics, um, of industrial topcoats. Once you receive your custom welded coffee table, you can keep your reclaimed sheet metal tabletop looking great by simply applying your favorite brand of spray wax, coupled with a microfiber cloth, choosing a welded coffee table, um, can increase the lifespan of this piece of furniture. Um, after many years of use, um, and even sustained, um, abuse, you can have your local auto body shop sand and shoot a New York shoot a new clear coat finish onto your custom welded coffee table from weld house.

We always do advise you to contact weld house for our latest, um, clear-coat advice so that we can help facilitate, um, that task in your local area. When choosing a custom welded coffee table, you are utilizing, um, a metal, which is usually always repairable. And although we do make our pieces at wild house as Bulletproof as possible, should you have any actual damage, um, please contact us and email photos and we will work with you to advise the best remedy. Um, but you can ensure that your custom welded coffee table will hold its own in your home or place of business. Throughout the years here at weld house, we are able to create one of a kind custom welded coffee tables because our owner and designer has over 10 years of welding and design experience. He is able to offer a high end finished product, um, through his attention to detail.

Um, here at weld house, we do specialize in custom metal furniture crafted with extreme quality. So we feel you would be making a good choice by choosing a weld house, custom welded coffee table. Um, we also pride ourselves in stellar service and attention to detail here at weld house. We only use top quality new and recycled materials. So if you are looking for a unique custom welded coffee table, that is both functional eye-catching and delivered with excellent customer service, we believe you should consider weld house for your next project. Please contact us at weld house today. Um, either through our website via email or over the phone, we can’t wait to work with you and help you create the custom welded coffee table, um, that meets all specs of your project design. Hey, fun fact about weld house. Um, uh, some of our clients do include Starbucks HGTV, raising canes, Pixar, Smuckers, and we were able to help these businesses add a unique and interesting touch, um, through our custom welded coffee tables. And we would love to be able to do the same for you and your home business game room or design project. Don’t forget here at weld house. If you do choose to use us and fabricating your custom wilded coffee table, we are offering that free custom design rendering to you as a new client. Um, and we want the opportunity to show you how a weld house operates and quality and customer service here at weld house. We are excited to work with you.