PUBG Conference Table and Waterfall Edge Reception Desk

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Measuring five by fifteen feet, this modern steel conference table fits right into its contemporary glass, concrete and steel surroundings. Custom built for PUBG, a Madison, WI based gaming company, Weld House used hints of one of its designs sold to HONDA years prior with significant changes to accommodate its long length. Starting with our […]

Military Grade Picking

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On a road trip to Tucson looking for a specific piece of reclaimed sheetmetal for a Washington DC based client, I was looking for a needle in a haystack. I was specifically looking for a red piece of NAVY specific sheetmetal suitable for a coffee table to go in a contemporary condo. I knew that […]

Honda USA Conference Table

Commercial Custom Welding Weld House Gallery Blog 6

I had the honor of building a contemporary steel conference table for HONDA R & D based in downtown LA several years ago. The initial discussion with HONDA was a little interesting as they wanted to recycle used HONDA sheetmetal as the material for the top of the table. I knew right away that HONDA […]

A Turning Point

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I was not building furniture full time when I made this orange coffee table, repurposing the hood of a 1972 Chevrolet Pickup truck as the table top. I didn’t know it at the time what an impact this table or project would eventually have on me. I was working full time as the lead pre-press […]

Hunter is so Rare

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I have been building these recycled steel coffee tables for close to 10 years now and this is just the second hunter green color I have found. The top of this coffee table came from the hood off of a 1972 Chevrolet pickup truck. There are very unique markings within the paint that we just […]

80’S Dodge Ram Coffee Table

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A sweet little 24×42 inch coffee table made from the reclaimed sheemetal from an 80″ Dodge Ram pickup truck. The truck was originally red and there are trace amounts of red left but 99% of this table top is black primer and bare metal that has surface rusted. Sealed with a clear coat specially formulated […]