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Residential pub table projects are fun because they usually always go into a really fun space. It’s not often that we get the “after” photos of our furniture installed so when we do get photos of our furniture in their new home, it makes us very happy.

This was one of the first handful of projects built when I moved from Dallas/Fort Worth Texas to Phoenix Az in February of 2011. This pub table measures 42″ tall and approximately 47″ wide and 36″ deep, which is just about the max size we can make a tabletop from the single Chevrolet pickup truck hood. It has clear coated raw steel legs, a red powder-coated subframe, and a new, gloss automotive clear coat on the tabletop itself. I recall this period of time after moving to Phoenix, finding new steelyards, paint and powder coating vendors, and places to buy old, reclaimed steel. It was a memorable period of time!

Pub Table 2756

Pub Table 3384


Pub Table Kap Table 5

In fact, in looking through these photos, it reminded me that I purchased this particular hood while making a quick out-and-back road trip to Jackson, Mississippi. I took a chance in driving from Phoenix to Jackson to buy a 5’x8′ cast iron welding table, known as an Acorn Table. These were pretty rare to find and I only had one, really bad photo from the retired owner to go off of. Turns out, the welding table was perfect for what I needed and it was not structurally damaged or cracked. I junked for cool hoods along the way. The U-haul photo shows this exact Chevrolet truck hood that I used to make the top of this pub table sitting on top of the Acorn welding table at my mom’s house in Aledo, Texas resting up before heading back to Arizona. I think I recall picking up a great batch of hoods at a pick-n-pull in Shreveport, LA and that’s probably where this hood came from. While in town, I stopped at Commerce Grinding in Dallas and they resurfaced the top of the old Acorn welding table and it shined like brand new. This was a game-changing piece of equipment for me at the time.

Seeing finished photos have always been super encouraging. Some finished photos have been life-changing, as written about in the older blog post “A Turning Point”. Our shop now is pretty nice, clean and our crew is amazing. We sometimes gather in shipping when a project has gone through final assembly and we stand there and admire all the details before they tear it all down again for packaging and shipping. That is the last time we see it. So seeing photos of our products in our client’s homes is always a pleasure.