Happy Hour

Happy Hour

Home patios in Arizona are amazing outdoor spaces during our winter months no matter how big or small your patio may be. Being mid-summer, we are counting the days when we are able to turn off our air conditioning, open our windows and doors again to resume living outside as much as we do indoors. We recently received an email with photos and “thank yous” for a recent patio table completed for a northern California client. Seeing these images made us long for those perfect cool days and chilly nights again. 

Custom Conference Tables | Sonic Union
Custom Conference Tables | Sonic Union 2

This recycled metal patio table measures 5×10 feet, 30 inches tall and has a heavy duty steel frame with 1/4″ laser cut steel legs pushed out to the far corners. Stainless steel hardware, powder coated frame and legs and 7 total coats of automotive grade clear coat will help ensure this patio table will stay looking great outdoors for years to come. It is a minimalist design intended to seat 8-10 people very comfortably. The reclaimed automotive sheet metal table top material gives a pop of color and brings visual impact to an already stunning, modern home.

Custom Conference Tables | Sonic Union Coat Hook
Custom Conference Tables | Sonic Union Floating Coat Rack

WeCommercial Custom Welding Happy Hour Photo 5 Weldhouse.jpgld House has been designing and building modern contemporary furniture for 10 years. The interactions with our clients before and after the sale just never gets old and it is what drives us forward. Some of our best work comes from client feedback and client requests. The collaborative dialog back and forth before a project begins is a valuable ingredient that usually always manifests itself in the final product. Oftentimes, great ideas that make it into the final product are suggestions from our clients and seeing those ideas come to life inspires us and keeps what we do exciting. We look forward to hearing from you about your project and learning what inspires you!!